Black Spiders_DRCD13006_BK_PackshotBLACK SPIDERS – ‘This Savage Land’
The second long player from Sheffield’s masters of riff-ology is, as expected, not backward in coming forward.  With all the subtelty of a wrecking ball, This Savage Land swings into action astride huge pummelling chords and Pete Spiby’s absolute rock vocal.  Massive choruses to incite bare chested bravado and beer in the air moments, check!  ‘Knock You Out’ and ‘Stick It To The Man’ kick down the door and demand you pay attention.  The fact theirs is a tried and tested formula with little variation matters not, with songs and hooks large enough to wrestle a rhino, satisfaction is guaranteed.  ‘Young Tongues’ is awash with ’70s nostalgia, evoking spirits of The Stooges and ealy Led Zepp, while….wait……is that a ballad I hear? Nearly.  ‘Put Love In Its Place’ slows the pace with a studied pick before erupting into another howling bark at the moon; Spiby anxiously crying out ‘If I only had a brain!’ before twin guitars attack the night sky.  There’s a sense for all thats great about rock ‘n’ roll and an expansive maturity to their songwriting, albeit about visions of reverie and illusion, that should separate them from the rest of the guitar noodling nightmares out there today.  But what makes This Savage Land as essential as Sons Of The North and EP combo Volume, is just how damn enjoyable it all is; typified by ‘Trouble’ and the relentless rampage of ‘Teenage Knife Gang’.  Good Rock can stir the soul.  Like fine wine, it will age with style and grace, always surprising and never tiring.  The finest purveyors have come and gone but legacies last and with This Savage Land, Black Spiders have another mighty fine brew for us all to savour.  (8)



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