65days - Wild Light artwork65DAYSOFSTATIC – ‘Wild Light
Good music can be astonishing, at times.  Bewildering, captivating and extraordinary in the true sense of those words.  Only occassionally heard and recognised as such, music that uplifts, stirs the soul and provides some kind of meaning behind everything, yields true power.  The purveyors of the finest sounds can rest easy, knowing their endeavour and industry should be rewarded by millions and billions of record sales.  But then, is commercial success the answer?  Music that blows the mind is best suited to the underground.  If there is any justice in this world, 65DaysOfStatic will be recognised as having created one of the most unique Electronic-Rock crossover albums of the year, probably of the decade.  Wild Light is THAT good!  Not since M83’s Dead Seas, Red Cities & Lost Ghosts have we heard an album so mesmeric, so powerful and utterly fascinating, it can only be described as a force of nature.  Completely instrumental, it utilises multi-electronica to create spiralling atmospheres and soundscapes from beyond the realms of normality.  Take ‘Prisms’, ‘Blackspots and ‘Sleepwalk City’ for example – all in possession of something so abounding that trying to understand the meaning is inconsequential.  Instead, it’s about being totally absorbed in the music; allowing the rich tapestries that shimmer throughout ‘Taipei’ and ‘Unmake The Wild Light’ to bend the mind and interrogate our musical barometer.  2013 has already proved to be abnormally affluent in musical quality.  With the addition of Wild Light, for the first time we are in the presence of post-rock perfection.  (10)



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