balanceandcomposureBALANCE AND COMPOSURE – ‘The Things We Think We’re Missing’
There are three words that sum up Balance and Composure’s music: alternative grunge revival.  The band’s new album functions as a modern adhesive that binds the slabs of emo and 90’s rock.  Producer Will Yip is the true mastermind of the record, creating a refined audio experience.  Having worked with bands like Circa Survive and Title Fight, Yip is the perfect person to magnify B.a.C.’s elaborate music.  The first cut ‘Parachute’ begins with heavy Sonic Youth guitar parts, quickly breaking into rough vocals from singer Jon Simmons. ‘Lost Your Name’ is an emo throwback: an ode to the once promising acts on Drive-Thru Records while ‘Back Of Your Head’ rocks like a more agitated Brand New.  The vocals are clearer and Simmons abandons his notable raspy screams, ‘Tiny Raindrop’ has the band swimming in an ocean of 90’s alternative waves. The faint R.E.M. indie lick floats above the infamous reverb from a Cobain rigged guitar.  Most of the songs follow the classic grunge “routine” of quiet verses destroyed by explosive choruses. Yip’s involvement with Title Fight is ironically observable on ‘Notice Me,’ a track which could serve as a b-side to TF’s Floral Green.  ‘Cut Me Open’ has the band breaking out their flannel shirts and embracing grunge to the fullest. Every instrument grooves like a Smashing Pumpkins tribute band, losing steam slightly in the final third, but ‘Keepsake’ is worth the patience alone. B.a.C. composes a darker emo tone of Sunny Day Real Estate, blended with the infectious glide of Brand New’s Deja Entendu.  They’ve become an outfit to sow the stitches between post-grunge and contemporary emo, which if more bands continue with this thread, 90’s alternative will never be allowed to unravel.  (7)



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