foyvanceFOY VANCE – ‘Joy Of Nothing’
We all know that life is a series of ups and downs, good times and bad, purple patches and blue spells; it’s fair to say Foy Vance’s dial on Joy of Nothing, is set to wistful. This chap has definitely been unlucky in love; no diamond anniversaries on the horizon me thinks. Hailing from Northern Ireland and moving to the US as a child, he returned to Ireland to kickstart his music career.  Joy of Nothing was recorded in his homeland and comprises a series of heartfelt acoustically styled love songs, pure and cleanly executed.  Not an album to lift the spirits; if you’re wanting to get maudlin’ with a good scotch look no further.  There’s no denying Vance’s vocal prowess, with strains of Springsteen and Chris Martin.  The production on offer prvides a full and complete sound to compliment the simple and oft-used guitar / voice approach.  To pick out tracks is a little disingenous, but ‘Paper Prince’ has a unique riff and a financial lament, while ‘It Was Good’ hits home with equal fervor; a deeper track with strings and harmonies to dismay rather than cheer.  Proceedings are brought to a close by ‘Guiding Light’ featuring a cameo from from Ed Sheeran, which will perhaps affirm his position in the singer songwriter section alongside David Gray, Ray Lamontagne etc etc.  Although there’s little to differentiate, Joy Of Nothing is a well produced, performed and heartfelt album from another singer/songwriter; there’s a market in it apparently…(5)



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