strayfromthepathSTRAY FROM THE PATH- Anonymous
Sumerian Records is like the Twilight saga of labels.  It’s constructed an exclusive fan base where fanatics eat up everything the company has to offer and with this latest release by Stray From The Path, they’re looking to expand an expanding franchise of screamo bloodsuckers.  Along with fellow label-mates Asking Alexandria, Born of Osiris and heart throbs I See Stars, SFTP is part of a reiterated script to keep adolescents coming back to the Sumerian theater.  Anonymous kicks off with ‘False Flag,’ a mixed drink of Fear Before the March of Flames and Eighteen Visions. The chanting of “F.E.A.R You listening?” relentlessly screeches over nu-metal guitar breakdowns and booming double bass drum kicks.  ‘Badge & A Bullet’ features a Rage Against the Machine guitar squeal, transitioning into a Limp Bizkit portrayal of a screamo battle cry, before ‘Radio’ pulls for a sound off of Snapcase’s Designs for Automation. The chorus throws in a furious metal progression, which is regrettably quieted by a Fred Durst metal-rap concoction.  The aura of Asking Alexandria is alive in ‘Scissor Hands,’ cementing the fan drama of either “Team-Alexandria” or “Team-Stray.”  ‘Black Friday’ captures the feel of an outdoor festival; the crowd pogo-ing and head banging manically. Woodstock ‘99, anyone?  And with the echo of the “Start Moving Your Feet” refrain, a self explanatory chorus is designed to rile all concert dwellers.  Consequently, Anonymous works better as an EP rather than an LP; it’s mid-section the most unified and crammed with enough optimism to reach stardom in Sumerian Hollywood.  And despite a climactic conclusion, Anonymous should be filed under “Straight to DVD.”  (4)




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