pusciferPUSCIFER – ‘All Re-Mixed Up’
Let me start by saying I think Conditions of My Parole is a fantastic album – truly amazing in fact.  Admittedly a remix album was more or less guaranteed considering there have been three remix albums preceeding this one, but I have to wonder what the fucking point is?  If there were some truly jaw dropping remixes in here we would be having a different conversation, but quite honestly, there isn’t.  Simply put, Sir Mix-A-Lot and some other people I dont particularly know of, nor care about, take some great songs and dick about with them; make some bits repeat, add some ‘phat beatz’, some irritating synths in roughly the same key and a goofy subtitle in parenthesis.  The result is as unfulfilling as a night in with your mum’s old Kays Catalogue.  Okay, maybe I’ve got sand in my vagina and im being unfair: remixes can yield interesting and sometimes amazing results.  But I just get a bit twitchy when it gets released as an album you have to pay for.  With, like, real money and shit.  Yeah, having a couple of re-imagined mixes as bonus tracks on the main album can be acceptable but a whole album, feels pointless, bordering on the mildly insulting.  All this album will do is make you want to listen to the original.  The best on offer are the best from the original; ‘Toma’ and ‘Conditions Of My Parole’ but again, that is more to do with the quality of the archetype.  To top it off, even my wife thinks this album stinks.  I’m forced to agree with her.  And I dont like agreeing with her if I can help it.  (4)



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