karnivoolKARNIVOOL – ‘Asymmetry’
Architects of Australian Hard-Rock Karnivool, return with album number three and where debut Themata and its ground-breaking follow up Sound Awake redefined their realm, Asymmetry should cement their star in the halls of the gods.  Suitably challenging and densely layered it follows no path, choosing instead to mislead and mystify with raw, disjointed riffs that coil and contort; blazing a trail for similar breeds to follow.  Quite how they come up with this stuff is bewildering in itself.  “We want to open the door to our musical basement…”, explains singer Ian Kenny – “switch off the light and tumble down the stairs into god knows what”.  Nicely put sir!  Still, as long as they’re writing tunes as enticing and magnetic as ‘We Are’ and ‘Eidolon’, it’s ok if they break a few steps on the way down.  Like most players in this space, there’s a tendency to over-complicate; throwing wayward punches and any trace of time-signatures straight to the wolves, losing a precious melody.  But with Kenny’s consumate and undemanding vocals surfing above the intricate guitar work of Drew Goddard, Karnivool can throw in the shapeless grit of ‘The Refused’ with the expansive horizons of ‘Sky Machine’ and get away with it; divulging opposites that only serve to strengthen their stock.  Few may see past the exaggerated approach, but few could deny the huge beating heart at the centre of ‘Aeons’ and ‘Alpha’; aggressive, earnest and continually ambitious – just how good Rock should be.  (8)



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