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BRAD is Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, Regan Hagar and Shawn Smith of Satchel and Keith Lowe. In conjunction with BRAD’s 20th Anniversary, Razor & Tie will release re-issues of the Seattle band’s first two albums, Shame and Interiors. Set for release September 30th, 2013, the esteemed albums will feature new artwork created and freshly re-designed by BRAD drummer,Regan Hagar– both Shame and Interiors will be available on CD (in digi-soft packs) and gatefold Vinyl.

The CD re-issue of Interiors features two bonus tracks, ‘Séance’ and ‘Heaven Help’ (both previously unavailable in the U.S.) while the vinyl edition of Interiors will include and feature the same bonus tracks via a separate, 7-inch, special edition pressing contained within the gatefold. As an added treat, the Interiors vinyl will also include for the time ever, all the original studio recording intros from the band members prior to the start of each song.

Brad’s lineup for these albums was Stone Gossard, Regan Hagar, Shawn Smith and original bassist Jeremy Toback.

Here is the band performing the beautiful ‘Buttercup’ from Shame.

Pre-order the albums now HERE (

The Shame pre-order bundles are as follows:

· Tier One: CD Only

· Tier Two: Vinyl Only

· Tier Three: CD, Vinyl And T-Shirt

The Interiors Pre-Order Bundles Are As Follows:

· Tier One: CD Only

· Tier Two: Vinyl W/Bonus 7-Inch Only

· Tier Three: CD, Vinyl W/Bonus 7 Inch, And T-Shirt

BRAD’s debut album Shame featured a raw sound and an eclectic mix of styles that reflect the personalities of the band members. Shame was mixed by Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen). Interiors was Brad’s sophomore release and was mixed by Brendan O’Brien and produced by Nick DiDia (Powderfinger).

Formed in 1992, BRAD originated as an official side-project that developed into something much deeper for fans and band alike. Anchored by Shawn Smith’s astonishing vocals, the band’s soulful rock sound released their fifth studio album ‘United We Stand’, earlier this year on Razor And Tie Records. Comprised of 10 tracks, longtime fans of the band have found much to love on ‘United We Stand’ as Brad’s reflective, unique song writing approach is intact with Shawn Smith’s soaring vocals cascading over songs like ‘A Reason To Be In My Skin’, ‘Needle And Thread’ and ‘Bound In Time’. And Brad finally toured the UK and Europe for the first time ever earlier this year , leaving fans spellbound and critics in raptures including:

‘It may of taken 20 years to get here but at least they delivered a performance that justified all the painful waiting.”

Kerrang 5KKKKK

“Having worked in this industry for almost 25 years it takes something to ram home when a gig is going to be something special. But when Brad struck their opening chord tonight this really was the most gobsmacking show I’ve witnessed for many a year. A splendiferous mix of Free, The Who, Cream, Zep and Little Feat and more. A joy to be at.”

Jerry Ewing – (Prog Rock Editor & legend)



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