planktonwatPLANKTON WAT – ‘Drifters Temple’
Music, as consumed by your average earner/spender, is experienced internally. We cart it along on our commutes and treks and apply it to our tasks, chores and leisurely pursuits. It tempers our moods and helps to define moments beyond three dimensions and cordial interactions. So it’s a head trip, right? Aside from pumping a fist at a gig or shaking your ass at a house party it’s a head trip. Let’s agree on this for the sake of this review.  Dewey Mahood’s full-time gig with Eternal Tapestry, a fine psych combo that has produced some admirable jams, seems to function as a jumping off point to his Plankton Wat solo ventures, but instead of dropping into the deeply weird he floats off to the insular. Drifter’s Temple is vague by intention. Spidery guitar patterns fanning out over a vacancy left by the absence of percussion. Like a tide without the wave. These are shifting sketches that deal with emerging themes – rising and swelling even as they are in a state of disintegration. They are like clouds or a child’s disposition. To compose and play songs that actually capture the nebulous takes skill.  Having said that, do I recommend the album – yes, but with some qualification. This music doesn’t challenge or surprise, like Ben Chasny’s Six Organs work does. It doesn’t thrill but it does soothe. I’m assuming that was the point. To recall and share a peaceful experience that can hopefully mix with your own. Calm morning to calm evening, back to back to back.  (7)



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