There’s definately something in the water over in Austin, Texas!  What was already a vibrant scene is rapidly becoming a fertile breeding ground for honest, off-kilter and down right alluring Rock!  The Boxing Lesson are no exception and their debut Big Hits! should swing confidently into your life like it has ours.  There’s a vigour and undiscovered charm that makes it one of the surprises of the year and we’re close to dancing around the room as the pace of ‘Eastside Possibilities’ and ‘Tape Deck Time Machine’ explode from the backend of the wonderfully sedate, sax-infused opener ‘Endless Possibilities’.  If you’re looking for a reference point, cuts such as ‘Health Is The New Drug’ and ‘Hawaiian Buffalo’ could easily grace Arcade Fire’s last; comfortably wrestling for position alongside some of their biggest hits.  There’s a touch of The Dandy Warhols to the percussion and rythmn section, but the difference here is it that TBL are able to maintain the momentum from start to finish; ably intertwining more downbeat tales like ‘Blue Dream’ without compromising energy and feel.  And while others will fumble around in the dirt trying to find that perfect pop song – ya know the one that sets you for life – TBL have got it in one with ‘Better Daze’.  An altogether foot-tappin’, head-noddin’ newborn that bounces by without introducing itself, leaving ‘Red River Blues’ and ‘Sweet Science’ to sweep up and guide us through an ascending mine of sparkling gems.  As with the opener, bookend ‘Flight Parade’ takes us down a notch on the way out, drowning you in the reality that TBL should happen – here there and everywhere.  (9)

“It’s not a concept album nor does it have political overtones, although it may offer solutions to some personal troubles. It’s more rock-oriented than their past albums. It’s produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith at The Bubble in Austin, TX, and contains a total of 11 songs. It’s not a jam-band album. Most tracks are under 4 minutes in length. There are lengthy guitar solos for cosmic relevance, but only in 3 songs. Synthesizers were used extensively but it’s neither new-age nor electronica music. It’ss definitely psychedelic but not in a throw-back 60’s way.  It’s recommended to listen to the songs in order, but if shuffled there will be no negative consequences. Multiple listens produce higher levels of understanding”.  The Boxing Lesson



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