cb6CB6 – ‘Succession’
By forging a sound of Earth Crisis’ days on Victory Records, with the raw spark of Bridge 9 CB6 look to survive against the grueling cutthroat nature of hardcore music.  The band’s new album parallels Earth Crisis’ Destroy The Machines, while packing a strong left hook like Cruel Hand.  As the vocals and guitars are enormously similar to their peers from Maine, CB6 search to emulate the crossover of metal and hardcore hostility.  The track ‘Crown’ fittingly reflects the gore portrayed by the albums cover art – a king with an arrow through the eye – revealing a piercing indication about the bands resilience.  ‘Elephant in the Room’ features breakdowns as shivering as Baltimore natives Trapped Under Ice, stirring the album deeper into post-hardcore territory, while ‘Illusion’ and ‘Deep Rooted’ are the two Bash Brothers of the album; standing as a brute vigor to not be reckoned with. The album takes a partial intermission with ‘Penny,’ as an alternative riff roves through like a Hot Cross or Thursday musical sentiment.  The title track has the fervor and animosity of Hatebreed’s ‘Destroy Everything,’ providing an abundance of metal homage which fully captures CB6’s prolific sound.  Album closer ‘Eye of the Magpie’ is the most defining post-hardcore cut on offer, showcasing melodic choruses akin to Crime in Stereo against yells perfected by Terror.  As the grooves sonically intertwine with one another, song distinction is not a highlight on the band’s resume and although they don;t quite transition their sound in a new or creative direction, they’re a brave challenger in the bloodied fighting ring of hardcore music.  (7)






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