whigsTHE WHIGS – ‘Enjoy The Company’
Hailing from Athens, Georgia this three piece are standing up an all too familiar sonic adventure that hopes to render the dark themes heard on 10’s In The Dark, to kick open the doors to a more optimistic future.  Recorded in New York with John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth) twiddling the knobs, Enjoy The Company tries to leave a lasting impression on the paradigm of American Garage-Rock.  And despite its flaws, album number four delivers with some unoffensive vibes atop Mascis-esque riffs and slacker grooves that will soundtrack any sun-drenched roadtrip this summer.  A declaration of resilience, easily consumed and easy to like, distractive opener ‘Staying Alive’ stylizes early We Are Scientists with the messy adolescence of The Kooks.  While the ardent reflection of ‘Gospel’ and the grouping of ‘Tiny Treasures’, ‘Summer Heat’ and ‘After Dark’ proves to be a creative peak.  They take their influences and favourite albums to form some kind of celebratory rock, fueled by rythmns of the road, blending the spirit of Dinosaur Jr with the curb appeal of Band Of Skulls and Black Keys.  Which may sound overt, but there are hooks in here to latch on to and plenty of radio friendly choruses to lighten the mood; like the summer breazy ‘Waiting’ that’s destined for festival greatness, or the impassioned ‘Rock and Roll Forever’ and muscular closer ‘Ours’.  By no means a classic or a must-buy, The Whigs have created a buddy record; something neighbourly that’s receptive and responsive to the demands of modern life, which is alright by us and makes for pretty good company.  (7)



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