dangeroussummerTHE DANGEROUS SUMMER – Golden Record
“Golden Record comes from The Voyager Golden Records that were sent into space in the 1970’s… in hopes that one day they will be intercepted by extraterrestrial life.” – AJ Perdomo, The Dangerous Summer’s lead vocalist and bassist.  As a member of the human race, I can safely say that you wouldn’t want aliens to intercept this record.  It sounds like the type of music only heard on cheesy US shows like Dawson’s Creek, when the eponymous character would mooch around having had his hormones angrily stirred by the actions of Joey (neither a man nor a baby Kangaroo) if she’d been snogging Pacey Witter (not fast but does witter on).  And do you really want aliens to think that life on earth is like Dawson Creek?  One upside is that shouting non-melodic teenage angst metaphors over repetitive chords against a 4/4 beat, might dissuade our large eyed green-blooded distant counterparts from invading earth, but would that be a bad thing?  If Jeff Wayne’s musical version of War of the Worlds taught us anything, it was that alien invasion brings us superb musical scores and the chances are that anything coming from Mars are not going to want to listen to Golden Record.  The blurb to the release of the album reminds us that “The first single off the upcoming record, “Catholic Girls”… has been charting steadily!”. “Charting steadily” is like saying a tractor is steadily accelerating, it’s neither fast nor noteworthy and you wouldn’t want to listen to it for too long. The whole thing just blends into itself with indistinct musical accompaniment and a dreadful droneful vocal line that seems to be stuck in the one gear marked ‘shout’.  Whether you’re a human or E.T., it’s best to give this one a miss. Now where’s that box set of Dawson’s Creek?  (2)



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