night versesNIGHT VERSES – ‘Lift Your Existence
Night Verses first full album follows last year’s well received Out of the Sky EP and ‘full’ it certainly is, with 15 steely tracks squeezed into 74 exhilarating minutes.  The album is bookended by tremolo picking whammy fused opener ‘Introducing: The Rot Under The Sun’ and the epic finale ‘Phoenix: I. Rising II. Falling’ with everything in between a relentless pounding of some of the best modern metal music out there.  Every song offers the listener something different, standing unashamedly proud of the mediocre and mundane.  The most innovative performance of this album, however, is Nick DePirro’s dynamic guitar work.  Dirty lowdown stomping rhythms are seamlessly blended with high pitched screeching.  The best example can be heard on one of the many stand-out tracks ‘Antidepressants’, which starts with what sounds like an animal’s death throes before the density kicks in.  The wide ranging noises continue on ‘Celestial Fires’ whose bell ringing intro wouldn’t sound out of place as background music on a moody subtitled television drama.  DePirro’s black and white contrast of subtle tones that lull the listener into a false sense of security before catapulting them into lively invasive melodic shredding, are the mainstay of this album and it works so well.  It’s a shame the same can’t be said for Douglas Robinson’s vocals. It’s not that he’s a poor singer, far from it, but the ‘rasping-throaty-shouting followed by strung-out-harmonised-note’ style has been done too many times before to justifiably complement such an accomplished musical score.  It’s probably just a simple matter of taste, but the voice just seems to lack that bit of character that the guitarist demonstrates in copious lashings.  Despite this, it’s not quite clear who or what Night Verses are meant to be versing, but they most certainly win and your existence can’t help but be lifted by this album.  (9)



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