wiretreeWIRETREE – ‘Get Up’
It’s the right time for blended Indie-Rock.  A soundtrack to the sticky summer days with power pop melodies and perfectly weighted guitar hooks to stretch out to under a blissfully blue sky.  Hailing from Austin Texas, Wiretree is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Kevin Peroni – a native steeped in the sounds of UK and US acts such as The La’s, Radiohead, The Kinks, Elliot Smith, Big Star and Grandaddy – who started out solo, before solidifying his intentions with some like minded recruits.  Three albums in and he’s diversified this time, adjusting the approach from the all out Rock of 09’s sophomore release Lucky, to music that’s a more accurate reflection of the sounds in his head.  The melodies interweave with chiming guitars and a Shins-style buoyancy that’s purely homegrown and carefree.  From the opening chords of the title track, through the clever and memorable daliance of ‘Out of My Mind’ and ‘Take Us Away’, Peroni succeeds in using simple song structures to strike an instant chord with the listener.  ‘In The City’ resonates the dark of The Smiths with the pop-light of Big Star and Teenage Fanclub, while the slow candour of ‘To The Moon’ and ‘When You Were Young’ have deep 70’s roots that emerged through the 90’s and blossomed in the naughties.  Whilst not entirely replete, Get Up is instantly likeable with a hazy charm and groove that should see them right this time round.  (8)



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