icaruslineTHE ICARUS LINE – ‘Slave Vows’
Anger is an energy that counts for nothing unless you know how to wield it correctly.  LA agitators The Icarus Line have a spent the best part of a decade mastering that energy via pulse-quickening performances and four albums of malevolent and changeful Punk-Rock.  Fresh from a year spent mostly on the road, album number five was recorded almost completely live in singer Joe Cardamone’s Burbank studio; capturing an uncompromising rock ‘n’ roll vibe.  That old school approach has paid off handsomely, as much of Slave Vows is made up of venomous and slow burning passages that slither and slide into seething crescendos of explosive Rock; the band wild-eyed and wielding their intruments like murder weapons.  Distilling the past, present and future the opening drool of ‘Dark Circles’ lulls into a false sense of security, before the restless grind of ‘Don’t Let Me Save Your Soul’ charges at you like a bucking bronco.  And it’s the contolled storytelling throughout that impresses, Cardamone climbing into the skin of Nick Cave on the seductive squeal of ‘Marathon Man’, akin to anything off of Grinderman 2, while the hammer-drive guitar that kicks in half way through ‘Dead Body’ proves they’re ready to swing a wrecking ball into the tower blocks of get-rich-quick corporate Rock.  While most of modern music puts on a charade, Slave Vows is the sound of four young men channelling their most honest and darkest selves, letting loose a wave of righteous and inconsequential music that’s as raw as The Stooges and as vital as the air you breathe.  (9)



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