lemuriaLEMURIA – ‘The Distance is So Big’
Indie rockers Lemuria have just released their third album, entitled The Distance is So Big.  The album is out on Bridge Nine Records, and although they’ve graduated to Bridge Nine from their previous label Asian Man Records, it must be noted that, sound wise, they were much more at home back at Asian Man. Their brand of indie punk, driven by poppy rhythm guitar and sweet male-female vocal harmonies fits right in alongside bands like Dog Party, The Wild, or even Andrew Jackson. But, over at Bridge Nine they could easily be cast off as the kid sister sidekick act to some of the more raw and raging bands there. Let’s just hope that their big bros from Sick Of It All will show up at their sides when some nasty, street punkers threaten them with a beating.  That being said, their latest album is actually pretty solid.  So, maybe they will be able to defend themselves after all.  They’re able to pull a super full sound out of their minimalist 3-piece formula by stacking up the vocal harmonies and creating really quirky and compelling melodies.  One of the album’s highlights is “Brilliant Dancer” with its repetitive, chant like chorus, “brill-i-ant dance dance dance dance danc-er….”.  On this one, you really hear the piercing range of female singer Sheena Ozzella, whose vocal tone is integral to the band’s adolescent vibe.  There’s an undeniable charm in their ability to use an, at times über simplistic approach to their lyrics and phrasing, in order to address otherwise mature topics – with the “when you get everything that you want, you will miss wanting what you have” from “Bluffing Statistics” case in point.  But despite the abundant charm, which may naturally appeal to youthful listeners, the overall level of innovation on show may not be enough to capture the hearts and minds of a more mature audience.  (4)



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