We’re not sure what more can be said for this band.  Still standing as unique and foremost in their field, there are few if any, that can stand shoulder to shoulder with their artistic flair, alternative rock creativity and showmanship.  Their back catalogue is comprised of the significant and the sensational through timeless classics Nothings Shocking and Ritual De Lo Habitual.  Though an existance of break-ups and reunions has meant huge gaps between recorded material, the follow ups 03’s Strays and 11’s Great Escape Artist are still worthy additions, even if slightly pale in comparison to their predecessors.  All four records are represented in some shape or form on this first live release – recorded at New Yorks Terminal 5 on the Theatre of Escapists tour – its the Blu Ray version we’ve managed to get our mits on.

Suffice to say it’s the repetoire of classics and fan favourites that hit home the hardest and receive the fervent responses – with ‘Ain’t No Right, the amazing ‘Ted…Just Admit It’ and of course….the best 11 minutes in Rock….’Three Days’ – all delivered with the usual fierce musicality and extravagance.  Typically provocative with scantily clad backing dancers, the stage show encapsulates the essence of performing art – Farrell’s spirit and exuberance never diminishing, while Dave Navarro still manages to come across as the ultimate Rock-God; oozing class and cool with effortless fretwork and star appeal.  Bass player Chris Chaney just does his job, allowing the two frontmen to take centre stage; his immovable stance and bass throb atop Stephen Perkins’ restless jazzy clatter the perfect compliment.  With a debut performance of the outstanding cut from Escape Artist, ‘Irresistable Force’ comes another highlight – full of drama through epic structure, swathes of orchestration, mood and contemporary Rock power.  As rare a treat as a live performance is from this group, this is as commendable a performance as you’re likely to see and well worth investing in.  Unconventional, unique and rich in visual treats, Live is a perfect representation from a band who kicked open the doors for generations of modern rock bands, while to this day, remaining at pace with modern culture.  Although not entirely all encompassing and definately relying on past glories, Farrell sums proceedings up perfectly – ‘you want the real shit, come to Jane’s Addiction’.  (9)



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