jamesyoungerJAMES YOUNGER – ‘Feelin’ American’
With his new album Feelin’ American, British rocker James Younger has figuratively taken his sound across the Atlantic. Produced by one of the members of Hot Hot Heat, the album tries to obtain a certain new-wave “revival” prevalent in modern music.  The first track ‘Monday Morning’ is a double feature of The Strokes and Neon Tress; an endeavor at achieving alternative radio success.  While its follow up ‘Sleeping Alone’ is a toned down take on a Maroon 5 groove.  ‘Running Wild’ begins with a Police inspired bass line, slapping its way into a revived ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ by Bruno Mars.  ‘Two of a Kind’ is a summer camp fire song, or music for a long distance road trip.  The country licks ricochet off a Bob Dylan rock progression, as a Tom Petty song foundation takes the steering wheel.  If it is not already apparent, there are an exceptional amount of influences coming to the fore and comparisons are far too easy.  Having many influences is not the problem, but forcing out radio hits seems to be an alarming emergency.  By the time we’re halfway through, the record sounds far too familiar to the radio frequencies that have been circling the airwaves for the last few years.  ‘Never Easy’ offers the American Rock feel of The Eagles, for about 25 seconds.  Soon after, the seventh track blends into Younger’s anthology.  ‘Simple Things’ has the strongest possibility of striking a chord and becoming a summer hit.  However, the ghosts of the past roam freely throughout, as it bears strapping resemblance to Petty’s  ‘You Wreck Me.’  As the record closes, it seems like we’ve been kicked back to the start again and the true downfall is how every song has the same pace, vibe and wannabe radio hit approach.  Younger may be feelin’ American, but this album is feelin’ a touch redundant.  (4)




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