transplantsTRANSPLANTS – ‘In A Warzone’
The ’02 debut from this US ‘supergroup’ brought power and passion from three corners of the punk-rock spectrum.  Thereafter and seemingly an occassional indulgence, Tim Armstrong, Travis Barker and Rob Aston have balanced their day jobs with infrequent dalliances that now appear to be losing their vector.  MTV favourites Diamonds & Guns and DJ, DJ saw this moniker hit immediate commercial success, while more grittier cuts like Romper Stomper, Tall Cans In The Air and Sad But True showed they knew how to balance the demands of the mainstream with the underground.  05’s Haunted Cities yielded fewer tracks of note and preceeded a second hiatus, from which the band re-emerged in 2010.  Two years in the making, In A Warzone is done in just over 30 minutes; the band continuing very much where they left off but with little to differentiate, show progression or bring any new lines of expression or creativity.  As a whole it’s probably best split into a game of two halves – the first has elements that will tempt replay.  The second passes by without introducing itself, devoid of social interaction or discourse.  To the casual listener this might be viewed as cursory productivity.  To ardent fans of the protagonists and the various components on show, the stripped back nature of …Warzone with its defiantly nonchalent approach, may sit favourably.  For those who demand more, its distinct lack of depth and songwriting quality means it’s unlikely to pursuade or convince that Transplants has anything releveant left to say.  (5)



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