owenOWEN – ‘L’Ami du Peuple’
Artist Mike Kinsella has humbly captured his indie-folk songwriting talent through his latest release.  Seen as a one man Simon and Garfunkel, there is no need for a counterpart to Owen’s music. With the early July release of L’Ami du Peuple, Owen sustains his ability to create momentous hymns of praise.  The opener ‘I Got High’ begins with light guitar strumming over delicate dings of a glockenspiel.  Through hand claps and subdued percussion, the laid back tune is no form a lazy song.  From the first track, listeners can decipher the carefully constructed guitar lines over melodic voices.  ‘Blues to Black’ has an intricate 4/5 time signature, a classic calling card of Owen’ gambit.  The song has a soft rock vibe, as mildly distorted guitar licks precede over various bells and chimes.  ‘Love is Not Enough’ is a peace-like “hippie” testimony, sporting a blend of 60’s British Invasion with soulful American Folk.  ‘Coffin Companions’ sounds like a southern tune being played right on Kinsella’s own Midwestern front porch.  Listeners can picture Kinsella sitting on a rocking chair, as his foot taps along to the poignant beat.  ‘The Burial’ submerges him further into his “country” abode as the song is a soothing folklore-type piece.  As promising as Kinsella’s unique voice is, his musicianship certainly outplays his quirky vocal trills.  ‘Bad Blood’ is possibly the closest he has gotten to progressive rock.  The lead guitar is a combination of Zeppelin and Rush, a sturdy scorcher which doesn’t drift too far away from a blues cry.  ‘A Fever’ recaptures the songwriter’s old days in American Football, as a 3/4 skewed tempo meanders through glorious alternative rock guitar wails.  Honoring the album’s English translation, the friend of the people, Owen once again makes a tremendous connection with musical humanity. (8)



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