queensrycheQUEENSRŸCHE – Queensrӱche
When asked to review Queensrӱche’s new album, my first thought was ‘which one?’ Not which album, but which Queensrӱche? The last 18 months have seen the Grammy nominated artists fall out to such an extent where punches were thrown and singer Geoff Tate reportedly spat at drummer Scott Rockenfield during a show. Needless to say the band didn’t continue long after that. The most bizarre twist, however, was still to come. A US Superior Court ruled that both Tate and the band that fired him were allowed to use the Queensrӱche brand until the court date in November 2013. So which Queensrӱche do we have here? First listen to the album fools the listener into thinking that it is disgruntled singer Tate’s effort, such is the apparent distinctiveness of the high-range vocals on offer. A quick Google search, however, proves these are the vocals of former Crimson Glory frontman Todd La Torre. La Torre’s vocals really are almost indistinguishable from those of Tate, ensuring that the Queensrӱche sound remains largely unchanged, even if the heavy detuned metal riffs are a thousand light years away from the Grammy nominated Silent Lucidity. Rockenfield’s drums kick off ‘Where Dreams Go to Die’ in an Ulrich-esque staccato snare march interrupted by their typical harmony lead guitars. The whole thing gels together with a galvanised precision not expected of a band missing such an important part of its line-up history. Perhaps it’s La Torre’s drumming credentials that helped him slip seamlessly into the band’s sound. As solid as the album is, the lingering acrimony with their ex-singer is quite evident in its eponymous title. Calling it ‘Queensrӱche’ smacks of a child-like petulance; they may as well have called it ‘We’re The Real Queensrӱche, Not You Geoff Tate!’ which would only have been slightly less subtle. (8)





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