thesemonstersTHESE MONSTERS – ‘Heroic Dose’
These rapidly-paced villains from Leeds – drummer Tommy Davidson, bassist Ian Thirkill and Samuel James Pryor on guitar and vocals – have attempted to create a masterpiece that is crude, abrasive and completely mosh-tastic in it’s own right.  In many ways it works, as you progress through the tracks, the twists and turns prevent you from settling, from feeling at home or at all comfortable.  Opener ‘Very Strong Very Clever’ is a fairly successful affair, with the catchy guitar line and smooth bass line a perfect compliment to the scream-along lyrics. ‘When The Going Gets Weird’ follows in a very similar vein but the real captivator comes in the form of ‘Harder and Faster’. With sinister guitar hooks and an incredibly grungy breakdown for the last minute and 20 seconds, it’s a hot contender for an encapsulating anthem.  ‘Punk Floyd’ provides an interim between, with almost two minutes worth of head banging and blood curdling screams, followed by ‘Live Some’ complete with face-melting solo, before ‘Same Sex Scene’, which is literally just a repeat of it’s three word title.  ‘One of Those Creeps’ is a mover at best, while ‘Your Mothers Lover’ is a thrash-out, seemly lacking a clearly defined structure but a perfect showcase for the highly-strung screams of Mr Pryor.  But the drawn out breakdowns that head towards its grand finish are laborious and slightly irritating, despite ‘Survivalists Get All the Girls’ interesting combination of memorable riffs that float fluidly alongside the vocals and paced drumming.  Finish it off with the twisting and powerful title track and you’re left sweating, headach-ing and just about bewildered.  There’s much repetitiveness on show which for many would be a reason to stay away.  However with its mosh-worthy appeal and throat scratching appeal, it should make any rock and roller the happiest of Larry’s.  (6)



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