hushnowTHE HUSH NOW – ‘Memos’
Memo to The Hush Now: having three tracks smack bang in the middle of the record, back to back, that seem to have the exact same structure but with different tones, is not the way to go about this album.  That has to be the only gripe to be had with the overall arrangement here. There is nothing that can really be found to fault in technicality either. But then, maybe that is the problem?  Let’s take a step back for a second. From the very early opening notes of the Boston quintet’s first track ‘Things Fall Down’, there is a sense that this album will be an incredibly dreary experience. The first song plods into the second; impatience sets in.  Where is the energy?  Suddenly the opening strum of ‘Rooftops’ gives you that jump-start you’ve been waiting for, but twenty five seconds in and it settles back down into a less than hasty feel-good dance-inducer.  Then strolls in the triplet tracks.  These three tracks, similar in many ways, nothing new nor astounding.  Wondrously though there is one beacon that seems to distinguish itself from the rest.  ‘The Glow’ is a techno-infused foot-tapper that lies in a bed of slow-rock bores.  It’s catchy, with vocalist Noel Kelly’s voice providing a contrasting element to the synthetic lines that in the context of the album, works quite well.  The fun doesn’t stop there either; with upbeat number ‘Clouds’ continuing on in the wake of its predecessor – a fair, mood-lifting tune that is the cornerstone of their dance-engaging rock.  Alas, the elation ends there and like a killjoy kid trying to break up every playground game, the final two tracks of the album settle back into monotone dreariness.  They strive to be ambient and melodic, but the result is a drowsy and sludge-like affair.  With only two moments of note, it’s clear no risks were taken here and Memos will not be changing the world.  A dreary shame.  (4)


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