poltergeistPOLTERGEIST – ‘Your Mind is a Box (Let Us Fill It With Wonder)’
Besides trying to provide wonder, the latest effort by Poltergeist will have listeners trying to provide their own lyrics and melodies.  Point being, the album features no lead singer or any words to sing along to.  Making this an instrumental listen from a band comprised of the original members of older British group Echo & The Bunnymen.  Their most popular song “The Killing Moon” may be known by younger audiences, as it is ceremoniously played in the cult classic film Donnie Darko.  Just like the title of the band implies, their music is an effervescent passing spirit which roams through existence but never utters a remark.  Instead they do their talking over flanger and phaser guitar effects, as heard on the album’s title track.  The release is filled with numerous 90’s grunge motifs, as the treble of the bass guitar rings over many U2 natured chord strikes.  The third cut ‘Dreamer Dreams of Spectrums’ follows in a similar vein, as a groovy bass line rings out over guitar delays and reverb.  ‘First Signs of Plague’ slows things down, with light strumming over mild ghost like noises making for an eerie composition.  While the album offers grand musicianship, it begins to serve as background music come the mid way point; each track blending into one another, making it beyond difficult to remember which song had the haunting guitar tremolo.  ‘The Book of Pleasures’ is nothing quite out of the ordinary, while the climactic closer ‘Lune Deeps’, is six minutes of Poltergeist creating at their highest plateau.  While vocals are not always essential to the appeal of music, the silent treatment from Poltergeist may yet hinder some levels of intimacy between the band and their fans. (6)



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