kyteKYTE – ‘Love To Be Lost’
After three years of floating under the record radar, KYTE has drifted back into sacred indie territory.  Their latest release, Love To Be Lost, offers tranquil and sensational interludes over harmonious piano melodies.  The first track ‘Breaking Bones’ rushes in with extremely youthful vocals, like a teenager pouring his heart out.  Its follow-up “Scratches” begins with an Angels and Airwaves intro, relying dominantly on light synths to stir up interest.  It’s here where vocalist Nick Moon particularly provides unorthodox pronunciation; sounding a bit like he’s stuffing his face with popcorn whilst recording.  ‘You and I’ consists of purely soft piano whispers over a tight snare drum; Moon’s voice beginning to irritate like a fresh tattoo.  It’s not such a reassuring sign 11 minutes in and ‘Almost Life’ is again piano oriented, as chords echo over the whimsical clicking of drum samples.  The percussion is assured throughout, as drummer Scott Hislop doesn’t go overboard, letting simplicity be the songs’ true signature.  ‘Over, After’ throws in a twang of 80’s robotic inspired trance music, while ‘Friend of a Friend’ sounds as if a female 80’s icon loaned her vocals to the track.  In fact, it’s songwriter Alessi Ark who adds an intriguing retro vibe here.  The deeper cut ‘September 5th’ paints a vivid picture of summer ending, as autumn’s foliage suddenly tints the streets orange.  The final track ‘Blood Anger’ immensely displays how the piano keys have truly been the hero of the album.  Though the music has KYTE soaring, the vocals provide no gust of wind.  If casual fans can get past outlandish vocal delivery, KYTE may just have a chance to fly. (5)



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