tripwiresTRIPWIRES – ‘Spacehopper’
When trying to make your mark with a debut album, it’s important to follow two rules; make sure your best work is near the beginning and the title track of the album should be a fitting one-stop CV-type summary of your overall sound.  With the number of plays for Spacehopper on Soundcloud decreasing with inverse proportionality to the increasing track numbers (only a fifth of those who sampled the first track hang around to absorb the album’s conclusion), it is clearly important to get those money-making songs high up that running order.  Everybody knows Spice Girls’ opening track ‘Wannabe’ but if you can sing all the words to their last three tracks on that album, then Tripwires are probably not the band for you anyway.  This
debut offering follows both rules.  The opening title track doesn’t so much bounce at you, but slowly inflates to an Anathema infused vocal harmony backed by a distorted, detuned simple chord progression.  It’s an unlikely opening track that differs from the catchy gurgling water-like riffs that adorn follow up cuts ‘Plasticine’ and ‘A Feedback Loop of Laughter’; the former containing an intentionally out-of-tune guitar solo that adds a drunken drooly stumble to the otherwise tight, but flirty melody.  The Radiohead comparisons are obvious and will be a feature of their critical acclaim, but conversely tracks like ‘A Feedback Loop of Laughter’ give a laid-back nod to Space’s 1996 shock shock horror horror Female of the Species.  These early tracks make a success of grabbing the listener, demanding they see what else is on the menu.  Unfortunately the main course and desserts aren’t quite up to the standard of those more-ish starters, as the album gradually descends into uninspired drawn out lethargy; proving those who only stuck around for the entree, knew what they were doing.  (6)



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