IMPERIAL TEEN – Feel The Sound

imperialteenIMPERIAL TEEN – ‘Feel The Sound’
After over a 5 year hiatus, ex-Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum’s band Imperial Teen is back for another stab at the hit parade.  You might remember them from their single ‘Yoo Hoo’, whose signature call and response style and sparkling boy/girl harmonies charmed their way right onto the soundtrack to the hit movie Jaw Breaker in the late 90’s.  Working with much the same ‘Yoo Hoo’ groove, there’s great potential for a similar response this go ‘round with a much more modern, polished sound; but still absolutely chock full of candied Breeders-esque 90’s indie pop.  This time the harmonies are a bit more slow and drawn out, playing with eclectic voicings, which add a psychedelic scope to songs that some might otherwise cast off as a bubble-gum version of this band’s distinct brand of indie.  As to be expected, the lyrics and phrasings are innovative and catchy as hell, “Beating the countdown, jump the gun, paradise lost and look who won”, often adding a bit of irony and cynicism to otherwise sugary sounds.  Another high point is the percussion, which is so bouncy, round and incredibly precise, it’s no wonder drummer Lynn Perko-Truell recently made it onto Spin’s list of the 100 greatest drummers of alternative music.  The single ‘No Matter What You Say’ starts off with a quasi-Baba O’Reilly riff on the key board then breaks down into a sugary sweet pop mantra with the addition of rhythmic male/female backing vocals, which ebb into the song like deep sighs.  A video for it, as well as the opening track ‘Runaway’ can be found online.  Feel the Sound is guaranteed to be a homerun for those nostalgic for the post 90’s Sub-Pop explosion. Let’s hope it doesn’t struggle to find favor with the hipper generation.  (7)



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