boysetsfireBOY SETS FIRE – ‘While A Nation Sleeps…’
So Boy Sets Fire have found a new home on Bridge Nine; the humble abode to historic bands such as H2O, Have Heart, American Nightmare and just about every promising hardcore band to date.  Absent from the scene after a “permanent” leave in 2007, the band quickly found itself playing numerous one-off shows and re-establishing itself as a band which hardcore desperately needed.  Opener ‘Until Nothing Remains’ tests singer Nathan Gray’s ability to still scream with considerable effect, as his age is no indication of expired youth.  Gray is the ultimate captain of the album, his vocals not losing a single volt since ’03’s Tomorrow Come Today.  ‘Closure’ is a tune tinged with Foo Fighters stye and swagger, but contains heaps more overdriven tones and harsher vocals.  ‘Everything Went Black’ is the album’s most typical BSF song, with Refused mannered guitars over wicked screams.  The only setback is ‘Reason To Believe,’ standing out as more 80’s “monster ballad” that hair metal whipped together in five minutes.  ‘Far From Over’ steers the album back on course, with the band reaching their hardcore zenith before ‘Never Said’ plays down to an early 2000’s radio friendly rock revival.  ‘Wolves of Babylon’ is as ferocious as its title – the guitars sinking their fangs deep into a chaotic chorus of horror. With the conclusive ‘Prey,’ a play on words about the search for freedom and self worth, Gray ends with a quietly sampled vocal over an acoustic strum, that bleeds out into vacuous static. Though the nation may be sleeping, the hardcore world is about to receive its most vociferous wake up call yet.   (9)



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