sleepingwithsirensSLEEPING WITH SIRENS – ‘Feel’
Throughout the past few years, Sleeping With Sirens have quickly become the golden boys of Rise Records.  While the label has recently signed legends like The Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music, Further Seems Forever and punk icons 7 Seconds, Rise continues to push SWS across the thinning threshold of post-screamo music.  With the latest release Feel, the single ‘Alone’ features “rapper” MGK who is about equivalent to the screamo version of Mac Miller.  It’s quite simple to fall back on the repetitive phrase “bands change,’ but in this case, it is not the aspect of change which is important.  Fans may say this album isn’t hardcore, but that’s the first primary problem.  This band was never hardcore to begin with.  Standing out as simply a manufactured screamo project, SWS doesn’t have to revert back to their roots, because they were never firmly planted to begin with.  The title track ‘Feel’ sounds like Michael Jackson has resurrected and joined forces with a mediocre rock band.  ‘I’ll Take You There,’ has singer Kellen Quinn hitting high vocal notes that are repetitive to their end.  It’s hard to judge the music as the album has become “The Kellen Show,” where the music is background noises that provide no depth to the songs.  ‘Congratulations’ features a clip of a voicemail message which has Quinn asking for the assistance of Matty Mullins of Rise’s Memphis May Fire.  ‘Sorry’ is a ballad meant to win over the hearts of young girls, while ‘Satellites’ sounds like an epic song found at the end of a Josh Duhamel flick.  The poster boys of Rise should be those of worth and note, with some sense of legacy and showmanship over the years.  While SWS are still young, their lasting value in his world has yet to be determined. (2)



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