BRUCE SOORD with JONAS RENKSE – Wisdom of Crowds

wisdomofcrowdsBRUCE SOORD with JONAS RENKSE – ‘Wisdom of Crowds’
When we learned these two craftsman were joining forces, thoughts turned to an amalgamation of cinematic Rock and darkly atmospheric Metal, in widescreen.  History tells us when great minds collide, great things happen and with a stockpile of luxuriant back catalogues already amassed, brothers Soord and Renkse are about to throw their most constructive, observed and powerful work out there to date.  It appears they’re taking this opportunity to explore unchartered territory, express their influences in hitherto unheard passages of unique music and by doing so, recording one of the most darkly hypnotic albums we’ve heard in a long, long time.  Jonas Renkse’s command of the Rock refrain is second to none, while Soord’s pure disregard for boundaries is demonic and occassionally inspired.  So suffice to say, the ensuing cocktail is bereft of filler and loaded with killer cuts steeped in emotion, oozing class and quite fantastic to listen to.  Warm pulses of electronica float beneath each of the nine tracks on offer, smothered in lashings of razor sharp guitar and sweeping orchestration that compliment Renkse’s vocal in ways we’ve not heard before.  It’s clear they’re in their comfort zone; exactly where they want to be, personally and collaboratively to deliver electrifying cuts of progressive, forward thinking Rock, like ‘Pleasure’ which rides in on an amazing dub-style bass line, ‘Radio Star’ and ‘Centre of Gravity’.  But its on the edge where they find their succour; the only place where their currency is legal and its here where an uncommon title track, the exceptional ‘Frozen North’ and the muscular conclusion ‘Flows Through You’ deliver the real sucker punch to the Rock underbelly.  This could be one of the best partnerships we’ve witnessed and Wisdom of Crowds as a debut, is hugely affecting, dramatic, innovative and theatrical; making it way beyond most of the music that surrounds us today.  Thank you both, just what the doctor ordered.  (10)



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