templetonpekTEMPLETON PEK – ‘Signs’
From the depths of heavy metal’s womb emerge Brummie 4-piece Templeton Pek and their debut album of riff-tastic melody – Signs.
  What is striking about this debut in particular is the commanding voice of Neal Mitchell, attached to the annihilating guitar thrash and the insatiable pounding of the drums; it’s a match made in rock ‘n’ roll heaven.  Opener ‘Who We Are’ is as dominant as they could wish for, with a range of speeds allowing a break from the fierce head banging that ensues.  ‘Barriers’ also takes a lead for standout cut, evoking intense emotion through Kev Green’s penetrating axe-work and the upbeat drumming of Simon Barford; Neal Mitchells vocal a cherry on top of their Pièce de Résistance.  But it’s on ‘What Are You Waiting For’ where they finally establish their key differentiator – this is not your average vocal and instrumental mash up.  With orchestral elements thrown into the mix, it’s clear they set out to make Signs multi-faceted – the techno reverberations across ‘Wake Me Up’, the constant pace and soaring vocals of ‘Alive (Promise is Safety)’ all show they know how to stay true to their Rock foundations, as well as being acutely aware of that little bit extra to take their music to the next level.  By the time ‘Slow Burn’ comes around to close us out, the lasting effect is one of whiplash and raw throat, but ultimate satisfaction.  Signs will grip you like a vice and refuse to let go until its closing moments.  You should be prepared for repeat injuries. (8)



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