British Progressive-Metallers TESSERACT release their new album ALTERED STATE May 27th


“The concept behind “Altered State“ is very simple. It is about change, and how life is change. We have been through a very difficult period of time over the last few years. It is a miracle that the band has survived. I feel it is the ability to step back and see everything for what it is (hence the Perspective EP) that has allowed us to get on with life and try to enjoy it. Reality is change…” [TesseracT, 2013]

There are few more honourable occupations than the pursuit of artistic progress. Over the course of the last five years, TesseracT have not just been at the forefront of an initially burgeoning and now flourishing part of the ever-evolving metal scene: in fact, they have been striking a blow for freedom of thought and individuality, rubbing purposefully against the grain of an often conservative musical world. Now, in 2013, these masters of modern progressive heaviness have moved the goalposts once again.



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