KYLESA – ‘Ultraviolet’

kylesaKYLESA – ‘Ultraviolet’
Kylesa inhabits a tremendous amount of post-grunge finesse that lacks the radio charm of The Pixies and Silverchair.  Though Kylesa is in no form FM friendly, the songs are beyond intricate enough to entice casual listeners of alternative music.  The album embarks on a voyage of experimental rock, which is fused together with the arena flair of fashionable bands.  Heard on the second track ‘Unspoken’, the music sounds like disturbing worship tunes used to channel the sun gods.  From this, it’s not difficult to be deeply dazed by the psychedelic-blues riffs discovered throughout the course of the album.  Ultraviolet continues to sound like an adventure into lost galaxies, except it encouragingly stays away from going overboard on ridiculous phony “space” effects.  Instead, songs like ‘Grounded’ bring a component of hardcore into the post-chorus, as firm guitars are backed by growling vocals.  Further cut ‘We’re Taking This’ has vocal ingredients of recent youngsters Code Orange Kids, as the verses are layered with delay and reverb tones contributed from clashing guitars.  ‘What Does it Take’ is the bands’ sturdiest effort, as multiple genres and eras of music are fused into a two minute track.  The beginning of the song offers a slight buzz of 80’s new wave, as Sonic Youth verses blend into The Cure influenced choruses.  The post-chorus erupts in Nirvana feedback, as they finally end with a punch of raunchy punk rock.  ‘Steady Breakdown’ is the album’s precise remedy, as mysterious and soothing guitar pitches transport listeners into a different dimension.  Possessed by a Jawbox driven guitar resonance, ‘Vulture’s Landing’ is the steeple of Ultraviolet and cements Kylesa in a sturdy framework of authoritative composition.  Ultimately, Kylesa’s keen album permeates through the alternative atmosphere, giving the band a hefty existence in experimental music.  (7)



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