ASG – ‘Blood Drive’

asgASG – ‘Blood Drive’
The easiest way to label ASG’s new album is by making up a new genre of music.  The album Blood Drive can be summed up in about three words, “Epic Conquest Music.”  Listeners will be able to envision a knight riding on a stallion, decapitating enemies in search of his captured love held in a castle.  However, this album is no gallant knight’s tale.  Comparable to metal legends Mastodon, ASG targets a specific audience by resembling other Big Four heroes Metallica and Anthrax.  The title track is a slower paced rock progression, very similar to the core of Quicksand with a smidge of Jane’s Addiction.  In today’s media, ASG could certainly find circulation on VH1’s “That Metal Show,” as their music is geared toward hell raisers and leather jacket junkies.  That being said, ASG is not as dominant as Slayer or Megadeth, as heard on the track ‘Day’s Work’ which is a leisurely paced lament.  Blood Drive speeds up again with ‘Scrappy’s Trip’, fueled with a guitar riff that is as hypnotic as an acid trip.  The deeper ‘Castlestorm’ once again will have listeners literally picturing prestige and glory in battle.  The problem is, this image gets tiresome very fast.  Though still supplying ambitious guitar licks, ‘Blues For Bama’ rocks on the subtle edge of metal.  ‘Earthwalk’ is reminiscent of its predecessor, as clean guitars eventually get clobbered with distortion.  While the talent of ASG prevails, the grandness of the album becomes a fastly predictable nuance.  It is difficult to decipher the opener from the closer, as even the last two cuts are effectively redundant.  By the end, it appears the heroic knight has fallen pretty far from his noble steed.  (5)



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