triggereffectTRIGGER EFFECT – ‘What’s Left To Eliminate?’
’s maniacs of hardcore Trigger Effect are set to release their new album What’sLeft To Elimate? and at 26 seconds in, the band signals their intent with something akin to machine gun fire at a hated enemy; a warning shot for those new to their sound of profound musical warfare.  With a vocal structure similar to the 90’s throwback Snapcase, Trigger Effect bellows out scratchy and raw lyrics over perfectly formulated distortion.  Three tracks in and ‘A Quick Fix’ is a captivating gallop where the drum rhythm collides against fuzzy guitar effects, in a sharp two minute frenzy.  ‘Rope of Guilt’ provides precise and clean vocals, which fuel the BoySetsFire comparisons.  Add to that the thriving riffs on the enchanting ‘Susceptibility’ and the blaring horn u-turn of ‘Everything He Once Loved and Held Dear’, which commences with a rich grand piano playing evocatively over chugging guitar – and you’ve got a virile cocktail of beligerence.    ‘Spark Unnoticed’ reprises the role of Snapcase and provides guitar feedback which Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth would be proud of.  The brick built centre piece of this record is ‘The Power and the Glory’ – an indestructible force which will surely be crowd favourite when they hit the road.  What’s Left to Eliminate? holds true to the untidy roots of hardcore, whilst layering a fresh adaptation of alternative rock.  If they can round the edges, only the mounds of mediocrity stand in their way.   (7)



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