RED HARE – ‘Nites Of Midnight’

red hareRED HARE – ‘Nites Of Midnight’
Anyone remember Swiz?  Back in the 80’s they were one of the most popular bands of an emerging D.C. scene that would also spawn the likes of Dag Nasty and Jesus Eater; all bearing the unique vocal assault of Shawn Brown.  Guitarist Jason Ferrell has re-assembled the elements to include bassist Dave Eight and Red Hare furthers the music they were making more than twenty years ago.  It’s a powerful and potent cocktail that uses rythmic picking and riffs with a split affinity to metal and hardcore.  Occassionaly goofy, Browns Rollins-esque hollering helps the group to further explore the trajectory set by their many previous incarnations.  And with Joe Gorelick on drumming duty, they’re a lean propulsive entity that build on the legacies of Bluetip and Retisonic through a unified expression of simple immediacy.  With tracks that only occassionally breach the three minute mark, we race through a minefield of alternative hardcore littered with sonic mantraps.  Opener ‘Horace’ is caustic and sharp as a butchers cleaver, with Brown’s amphetamine driven yelp ‘let it f***in’ go’ taking everyone by surprise.  ‘Dialed In’ bubbles and boils like an angry kettle before the throaty bass driven title track delivers a targeted whip-crack to the spine; the ‘Tonight we’re having a party, tonight we’re cutting all ties’ refrain ringing in our ears.  Similarly impactful cuts follow, ‘Message To The Brick’ replete with screaming chords and classic D.C vocals and ‘Hello Disaster’, with Brown sounding more like an even agrier Henry Rollins; if that was possible.  An implausable yet fully deserving addition to an already burgeoning legacy, Nites Of Midnight is a short, sharp shot to the brain.  (8)



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