goldbladeGOLDBLADE – ‘The Terror Of Modern Life’
Deep from the echoes of the ominous punk rock golden era, British riot titans Goldblade and their edgy raucous collection emerge.  The Terror of Modern life is the resurrection of all things bedlam and opposing. Throughout the 13 tracks on offer, this British 5-piece combine skilled guitar harmony with pulsing drums and raw, grainy vocals that are destined to start a ruckus.  From the very beginning the axis of agent provocateur is unleashed with malignant guitars that encapsulate you into enlisting in ‘This Is War’s furtive demands.  You battle in unison through ‘Psycho Takes a Holiday’, ‘We’re All In It Together’ and ‘The Shaman Are Coming’, singing out to your hearts content and sticking it to all those that get in your way.  Then the album takes an un-anticipated twist – ‘Serious Business’ sees a slower, more moderated pace adopted – one that can only be described as Reggae’s 2nd cousin.  It’s completely random, yet sits perfectly amongst the chaos of ‘They Kiss Like Humans’ and ‘Act Like Machines’, which follow in what feels like a completely natural fashion.  The title track is a stand out cut, with it’s epic build up of noise and percussion that slowly but surely stems out into a twisted and callous magnum opus of carnage and swagger.  It plunders through to an almost perfect conclusion, with ‘Hey You! Elastic Face’ ensuring that there is no ill will and the fracas lives on.  This album is the epitome of what I like to call “beer and boisterous sounds”.  It truly is an incredible piece of work that sees vocalist John Robbs’ course laments, give veteran Johnny Rotten a run for his money.  No one can replace what has been, but The Terror…is an impressive attempt.  (9)



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