SOULSAVERS – ‘The Light The Dead See’

soulsavers_thelightSOULSAVERS – ‘The Light The Dead See’
What happens when you have a distinctive singer write and contribute outside of their usual band? Where does a band end and the artist begin?  This is the conundrum we’re faced with when listening to Soulsavers new offering The Light The Dead See.  No strangers to using excellent vocalists, the remix and production duo have swapped the considerable vocal talents of Mark Lanegan, for the distinctive majesty of Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode fame.  I bring you back to my opening point on distinctive vocalists and songwriters plying their trade outside their usual band.  Gahan has such a well known (and in my case admired) vocal that he could sing Wheels On The Bus and not only would you know its him, it could probably make you cry (I fucking love that song).  So the interesting thing for me is that because of Gahans delivery and lyricism, The Light… sounds more like an atmospheric set of Depeche Mode b-sides.  Musically it has everything you would expect from Soulsavers: a plethora of sounds, instruments and depth (gospel singers included) all polished to fuck; stunning.  But what makes this album great, is Mr Gahan himself.  No stranger to self destruction he is as battle scarred by his own demons as a man could/should be and this not only comes through in his performance, it also underpins everything you hear.  The result is something profoundly poignant and i would submit to you, something not many other vocalists could bring to an album – real significance to the confessional themes of shame, regret and redemption that permeate this piece of work.  It’s epic, majestic and haunting and I fucking love it.  Lets hope this is the first of many collaborations between the two.  (9)



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