WOUNDS – ‘Die Young’

woundsWOUNDS – ‘Die Young’
To cut your teeth in this business takes guts, nuts and a whole load of what some might call karma.  Having supported Gallows and Cancer Bats and been on tour with Bring Me The Horizon and While She Sleeps, Wounds are certainly working hard at their craft.  2010’s much lauded EP secured the acclaim these boys deserved and while the future looks bright, their journey hasn’t been without trauma.  Guitarist James Coogan surviving a freak accident from a fourth floor balcony, to ultimately prove doctors wrong and pull through the dark times to achieve said destiny.  A debut LP that literally wears it’s scars on its sleeve, bristling with a punk and hardcore intensity that will have their peers watching from the sidelines with an acquisitive intensity.  Right from the off Aidan Coogan’s vocal and brother James’ relentless slice and dice riffs, set the pace and tone for Die Young; ‘Trouble For The Sake Of It’ and ‘Dead Dead F***ing Dead’ providing a jarring induction.  ‘No Future’, ‘Choke’ and ‘Desperate Times’ showcase James’ delicious fret work; each cut lodging itself deep within the memory banks, demanding repeat plays.  Perhaps not so compelling are ‘Bombs’ and ‘Binge’, with ‘The Pile’ desperately searching for a sence of direction but then how often is that the case these days.  A ballsy debut that easily stands up alongside Orchestra Of Wolves or Hail Destroyer and never has the phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ felt so relevant.  (7)



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