WAMPIRE – ‘Curiosity’

wampireWAMPIRE – ‘Curiosity’
From the very first old-school horror movie-esque note, this album immediately gives you the feeling of destination: Party hard. Well with a band name like Wampires what more do you assume?  Sadly, it’s not the all out rocking affair you might’veanticipated, but fear not friends, all is not lost!  This 9-track collection is an amalgamation of zany electronic organ additions matched with psychedelic guitars and a steady drum to keep the pace moving.  It’s got a song for every mood with tracks such as opener ‘The Hearse’, as well as ‘I Can’t See Why’; perfect for those feel good long summer drives and hanging with your buddies.  ‘Orchards’ and ‘Spirit Forest’ are good for any chilled scene but stand out cut has to be awarded to ‘Giants’, which oozes sinister guitar lines before switching up smoothly to a lighter, more enchanting organ sound.  No sooner does that guitar line return for an explosive ending, you’re suddenly left in a state of intrigue, wondering what the hell just happened.  Mind blowing to say the least.  The fact is, This Portland 5-piece have created an album that speaks volumes of them.  It’s a well thought out, constructive work of art that’s completely versatile in complexion.  The combination of muffled vocals, synthesized organ and creative guitar extravagance makes it both suitable background music and an amiable soundtrack for anyone looking for inspiration and intrigue.  It’s unlikely to wake the neighbours, but it’s charming, accessible and one of the most buoyant records of recent times.  (8)



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