VIENNA DITTO – ‘Liar, Liar EP’

viennadittoVIENNA DITTO – ‘Liar, Liar EP’
Darkly alternative electronica-blues is not something we regularly come across these days.  In fact this 4 tracker defies description in a lot of ways and probably doesn’t naturally fall into any sub-sub-genre.  Self described as Voodoo Sci-Fi Blues, their take on the worlds increasing appetite for the avant-garde is expressed through expansive soundscapes of trippy paranoia akin to the likes of Sneaker Pimps or Martina Topley-Bird’s early work.  First single ‘Liar, Liar’ is an attractive and addictive western rockabilly score, played over tribal drums and winding coil at its core.  Not afraid to strip it all back, ‘The Undefeated’ begins with a whispered vocal and simple acoustic that works its way out into experimental synth, before staring into the darkness with the simple refrain “..lord have mercy on our soul”.  The mood is lowered even further down to the bottom of a bottle, on ‘Whatever Comes My Way’ and ‘Little Fingers’; both haunting, marvellously composed and atmospheric pieces of music that should turn a few heads and raise a few eyebrows.  Sparse and uncomplicated, thought-provoking and un-inviting, this little gem could well be the blueprint for something very special indeed.  (7)


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