uncleacidUNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS – ‘Mind Control’
Cambridge is not a location you’d naturally think of as synonymous with psychedelic Doom-laden Rock.  Shouldn’t we all be in punting gear, sipping ice teas and cider?  Not this crew.  This quartet prefer to keep things desert Rock style with ruggedly transcendental, tar-thick grooves and stoner vocals that hark back to the 60s and 70s; akin to some of Masters Of Reality’s work in part.  Opener ‘Mt Abraxas’ languidly lopes forward on a grimey riff before shifting gears up and down into a loose jam and stand still groove.  ‘Mind Crawler’ is pure Masters; dream like vocals layered on top of a simple stoner lick.  Not hugely unique but its still damn good to listen to, and before we know it there’s a QOTSA tale thrown in for good measure; first single ‘Poison Apple’ straight of Josh Homme’s locker of lullabies.  Three tracks in and you’re already set for the rest of the album.  And although there’s shredding doom that Sabbath would be proud of in the shape of ‘Desert Ceremony’ and clinically precise sludgery dripping off of ‘Evil Love’, thereafter proceedings appear to lose invention with the second half layered a little too deep in down-beat, almost post-rock ceremonials; losing the appeal and interest of the first half.  Still, low slung and filthy, there’s a lot to like here.  (7)



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