lost souls clubTHE LOST SOULS CLUB – ‘High Noon’
If hope of new material from The Jesus & Mary Chain is all but lost and BRMC continue to drop slabs of frustrating failures, then the new EP from UK upstarts The Lost Souls Club might just be the perfect tonic to our tribulations.  Taking a tried and tested formula to the limits of expectation is no mean feat and where the forefathers struggle to keep pace, the sight of a leaner, trimmer model with go faster stripes coming into view is almost impossible to ignore.  These boys won’t be blowing your beans apart with spiked originality, and that’s ok; they clearly show their influences.  But what makes High Noon a damn good listen is the way it in which offsets all that has gone before, with an almost cathartic take on our desire for dark and dirty psychedelic rock.  Take opener ‘Romeo’ which blends Jack White licks with BRMC debut-era bass to shape a bright new ideal.  ‘Kiss Away The Sun’ and ‘Shoot Me Down’ are better than anything BRMC have written since Take Them On Your Own or Howl and while ‘We’re All Gunna Die Anyway’ delivers a punchy upper cut, ‘I Know I Spoke Too Soon’ lays the tar thick grooves down a little too fervently.  Despite their acquired rather than organic strategy, High Noon is a bright prospect from a band that promises much.  Remember where you heard it first.  (7)



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