tropicalbluesbandTHE EXPERIMENTAL TROPICAL BLUES BAND – ‘Liquid Love’
Belgium is known for Chocolate and Poirot, now you can add an eclectic album inspired by fantasies, sex, love and apparently, burgers. The Experimental Tropic Blues Band recently re-released 2011 opus Liquid Love (named after the famous singles bar in NYC) featuring band members who go by the names Dirty Coq, Boogie Snake and Devil D’Inferno (really!); you get an idea of what to expect and overall, TETBB do not disappoint.  It’s a living breathing wall of sound where you hear everything in Jon Spencer’s mix from the air conditioning system of NY’s HED Studios, to the squeaks and mis-timed moments that are usually over-dubbed.  The fact that it was recorded onto analogue tape and not digitally adds further to the experience that you are listening to something very different indeed – it’s not a novelty record, it just doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Perhaps it should.  The music itself sounds at times like early Beck or a toned down Eagles of Death Metal with ‘The Best Burger’ the stand-out track, sounding like an encore to a Hendrix show in his stage-trashing prime. That’s where TETBB are at – its no holds barred, no prisoners taken and no holding back. Diving head first into Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Blues and Funk, by the time we get to the mid-point, you’ll have no idea where TETBB will go next, if you hold tight the growling, primitive psycho-punk will probably scare you to death before the remainder of Liquid Love devours you. It isn’t for the weak or faint hearted; it’s common for music to be catagorised – Jazz is Jazz and Pop is Pop.  The Experimental Tropic Blues Band break that rule, creating a sub-genre of their own.  If you’re one for brave gambles, then it’s worth a punt.  If not, then go check-out early Beck instead.  Either way serve this crazy cocktail chilled, on the rocks, but beware the hangover.  (5)



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