THE BLACK ANGELS – ‘Indigo Meadow’

TblackangelsHE BLACK ANGELS – ‘Indigo Meadow’
Sometimes you come across something that for no apparent reason is just “cool” – The Black Angels are a prime example and in their fourth full-length release the Austin, Texas natives unleash a more refined and measured version of their brand of psychedelic rock with the production quality that previous albums lacked.  From the opening tribal drums of the title-track you pretty much know what you’re in for: 45-minutes that bounces between velvet Underground, Rocket From The Crypt and, in its heavier moments, such as ‘Evil Things’, ‘70’s Black Sabbath. The recent single ‘Don’t Play With Guns’ has a change of tempo to a poppy flower power feel before The Doors influenced ‘Holland’ and ‘Love Me Forever’; which could be a Byrds song……by the time you’ve made it this far it’s starting to feel like a Pychedelia Compilation Album, which is no bad thing.  The musicianship is first class and the tempo changes and even genre changes, work well together to make the piece as a whole, something of a journey.  As they strive onwards and upwards, the excellent “You’re Mine”  with organ, guitar and fizzled-out bass conspiring to make the most stylistically sounding cut here. They close the album on a high with ‘Black Isn’t Black’ – the best of the lot. A doom and gloom dark blues psych monster that -to my ears- sounds like a band not wearing their influences on their sleeves, but taking their influences and molding them into something completely their own. By the end, you’re left with a trip that wasn’t bad at all and the slow realisation that The Black Angels are perhaps too cool for their own good.  (7)


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