SWINGIN’ UTTERS – ‘Poorly Formed’

swinginguttersSWINGIN’ UTTERS – ‘Poorly Formed’
Remember the last time you heard the word casserole in an album? Nope, neither do we! But that’s the last reference to a slow cooked oven dish you’ll see here.  This off-the-hook slamming album from the Swinging Utters is no slow burner.  Formed in the late 80’s this 5 piece Cali band are a polished act and Poorly Formed is a crisp, well groomed show case, with 14 tracks addled in quality musicianship. Proceedings begin with ‘Librarians Are Hiding Something’, which would feel well at home in a big production skateboard movie; Bones Brigade jumps to mind as the hammering guitars belt out a warp factor riff.  An impressive start, unless you’re a librarian.  ‘Brains’ keeps the tempo with drums and lead guitar blending into a face scrunching number with a cool blend of clean and mixed vocals. Skipping through to ‘Pour Beans’ which moves us up the grunge notch as a short but sweet track that speaks to the stoners out there.  Unexpected surprise comes in the shape of ‘I’m a Little Bit Country’; with a little bit of casserole.  I hated casserole as a kid, insipid liquid with anemic meat, but this Dukes of Hazard number is far from pale and uninteresting.  That said it’s the black sheep of the family but as the saying goes, it’s good to stick out from the crowd sometimes!  ‘In a Video’ and ‘Poorly Formed’ hit the purple patch, two tracks that tear out of the speakers like a pair of attack dogs on the eardrums.  Full tilt guitar licks pound with classic vocals straining for traction; bona fide rock n’ fuckin roll. ‘Greener Grass’ brings us back to earth but not with a bump and not for long, the string intro soon peels back to give us a jolt and a poke in the eye to city living.  The punches keep flying right through to end and on ‘Dreadlock Dread Reggae’ they use some intriguing vocal effects, before ‘Fake Rat of Dave Navarro’ wins the prize for the ‘what the fuck was that all about’ track on the album!  An intoxicating ride from start to finish; a thumbs up plus one.  (8)



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