suicidaltendencies13SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – ’13’
Like a ghost from the past Suicidal Tendencies return with their latest full length for 13 long-years (see what they did there).  And if you thought that LA’s original Cyco Squad had mellowed in the 30 years since their self-titled debut, then you’re sorely mistaken.  From the opening bars of ‘Shake It Out’ it’s clear nothing has changed – the irresistably recognisable sound is there, all chugging guitars, soaring solos and funky bass lines, alongside Mike Muir’s melodic shouting, they can’t be mistaken for anything else.  ‘Smash It’ and ‘This Ain’t a Celebration’ are  signature tunes – rip roaring guitar and a shout-a-long chorus that at times sounds like classic M.O.D.  ‘God Only Knows…Who I Am’ harks back to Art Of Rebellion and could easily be the bastard child of Muir’s side-project, Infectious Grooves.   Whereas ‘Make Your Stand’ has a sinister tone and is a more serious cut that Sacred Reich would be proud of; bringing a welcome tempo-change to darken the mood.  ‘Show Some Love’ stands tall, taking us back to the eighties with a hardcore skate-punk style, destructive bass riffs and Muir on top form; leading a mosh charge with his aggressive over the top vocal rally call. 
There is still little that compares to this and even at 50 years with a bad back, Cyco Miko has the energy of a teenager.  Rumours of a new album started circulating back in ’02 after a gestation that would make Def Leppard envious, but is it worth the wait?  If you’re a die hard fan – without doubt.  If you’re not already a fan, you should be.  So dig out the bandana and luminous bermuda short, it’s time to crank this bad boy up and party like it’s 1988!  (8)



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