STRFKR – ‘Miracle Mile’

StrfkrSTRFKR – ‘Miracle Mile’
You’ve got to wonder sometimes what a band hears in its music to think people will want to fork out their hard earned and heavily taxed cash for.  In these rainy days of down turn and compressing industry, the masses need encouragement, affirmation and assurance that faith in investment will be returned with sack fulls of fulfilment and a sense of musical profit.  These Indie synth-poppers from Portland, Oregon have something in their locker; we have to believe they do because again they’ve dropped a collection of distinctly average and luke warm disco rythmns that only serve to irritate rather than inspire.  Eschewing any sense of indie charm or rock sensibility, they’ve followed the well trodden path forged by the likes of MGMT and Passion Pit; recreating ponderous electronic journeys that wash over the senses without raising so much as an eyebrow or cursory glance.  The compositions draw on warbling and out of tune musicianship embellished with nasal vocals that are supposed to relate to the daydreamers in us all.  Serving instead as reasons for us to ignore.  And just when you think they’re capable of leaving the trail and going where others fear to tread, they crawl back in to their shell, leaving the listener alone to find a way out.  It’s not a complete lost cause; as mentioned, there are signs that Josh Hodges and co can recreate something unique – judging by the slightly derivative yet effective ‘Leave It All Behind’, the darker undertones of ‘I Don’t Want To See’ or the pulsating bass throb behind ‘Golden Light’ – they just fail to build on that promise and leave it far too late to demonstrate any capacity or aptitude to express beyond their four walls.  For a slightly banal and innocuous background experience Miracle Mile could well serve your purpose.  If you’re looking for a bit more bang for your buck, move on, there’s nothing to see here.  (4)



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