STAGECOACH – ‘Say Hi To The Band’

stagecoachSTAGECOACH – ‘Say Hi To The Band’
After ten years of contemplation and practice, you’d expect that the overly perfectionistic beings within this band would have presented an album that is absolutely mind-boggling.  Something that is at the height of it’s genre, or even ever-so ambitiously genre-defying. Needless to say, south-England 5-piece Stagecoach fall ever so slightly short of that all-important mark.  Don’t get me wrong; this debut full-length album, cheekily titled ‘Say Hi To The Band’ is a delightful concoction of pop and rock.  At times it’s got a mean groove with fast paced guitar and drum addition, but then out of nowhere it swings a complete 180 to a slower, melodic but still jubilant vibe.  Tracks such as the latest single ‘Action’ as well as ‘We Got Tasers’ and ‘Nothing Leads You Astray’ are punchy and jump-tastic, with humourous lyrical subjects that are easy and accessible to sing along to.  Standout of the slower crowd however goes to the album closer ‘VideoShop’; a slow-burning string-sounder that oozes optimism of breaking free from the mundanity that life throws at you sometimes.  But here’s the big B-U-T – for the most part Say Hi… seems slightly lack-lustre.  Opening track ‘WorkWorkWork’ for example echoes the dulcet tones of Oasis, but with less edge.  It doesn’t draw you in as a starter and in no way does it give you hope for the main course.  Both ’56K Dial Up’ and ‘Theequal’ sound positively mopey and dragged out; failing to excite or intrigue at all.  It’s a shame really, considering what this album could have been; it’s an equivalent to Keeping Up With The Kardashians – only to be watched if there really is nothing else on, requiring minimal brain activity.  (6)



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